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Recommend FFXIV Texture Mods

·4 mins


RESHADE shader packs:

When downloading RESHADE there are “effect packages” available in the installer I recommend:

RESHADE paywalled:

Pascal Glicher’s shader betas are behind a $5 USD paywall. This is where you get “ray tracing” for FFXIV: RESHADE RTGI. Also some other neat shaders like Solaris, Regrade, and Clarity. If you can pay $15 USD for FFXIV you can probably buy one month’s membership to get the shaders. They work for other games too. If you are too poor or morally opposed to paywalls, I imagine you can find them floating around somewhere.


Alex’s fixes to reshade shaders to make them work with FFXIV. He has a channel for this on my discord, if you have questions.

All mods below are installed using the penumbra plugin for dalamud/XIVLauncher. I really, really, really recommend using penumbra to control your mods instead of FFXIV TexTools. TexTools is only necessary if YOU want to make mods or edit mods yourself.

These are mods I use to make the game look a bit more modern. I really enjoy the default aesthetic of the game, so I don’t change anything drastically from that. All can be found on XIVmodarchive or FFXIV nexus. The number in front is the priority I set it at in penumbra. Priority determines which is loaded first, which is then overwritten by what is loaded later. Therefore, bigger number OVERWRITES smaller number.

Equipment: #

  • 1 - Hrothgar and Viera Hats (nexus)
  • 0 - Hats & Helmets for Viera Recommend Type
  • 0 - NO CID GARLAND DECAL (nexus)

Body replacers: #

Most older games don’t have fingernails or toes due to model budgets and it bothers me. These HD bodies add them. Be aware all but Otopop have NSFW pages.

  • 3 - The Body SE (SFW version) NSFW page
  • 1 - Bibo+ (SFW version) NSFW page
  • 2 - Bibo+ vanilla hands (no spa quality manicures)
  • 0 - Otopop (SFW lalafel bodies)
  • 2 - hrBody (SFW version) NSFW page (Male Hrothgar and Roeg)

Hands/Feet replacers: #

Since body parts are built into equipment in the game, you must patch all equipment to match the body, if you want it to show while wearing hand/feet pieces.

  • 2 - koneko mani pedi mega-pack
  • 0 - the ultimate foot pack
  • 3 - bibo+ mani-pedi megapack (nexus)
  • 1 - TBSE mani-pedi megapack (nexus)
  • 3 - otopop mani-pedi megapack

Eye Textures: #

  • 2 - Bright Eyes

Teeth: #

  • 0 - Everyone Bites Illy Vanilla Bite

Beloved NPC fixes/improvements: #

  • 0 - Twins Neckseam Fix
  • 0 - Crystal Exarch TB2ified (nexus)
  • 0 - Male Miqo Relaxed Default Idle
  • 1 - Aymeric’s Attractive Fingers 2.0

My most perfect creations: #

  • 1 - kart diffuse 2x
  • 1 - kart multi 2x
  • 1 - kart normals 2x
  • 1 - kart specular 2x
  • 2 - kart special 4x
  • 0 - kart face paint textures
  • 10 - kart face UltraFART
  • 9 - kart hair
  • 0 - kart vfx textures
  • 0 - kart world textures main
  • 0 - kart world textures common
  • 0 - kart world textures grasses
  • 0 - kart world textures endwalker
  • 0 - kart world textures stormblood
  • 0 - kart world textures shadowbringers
  • 0 - kart world textures heavensward
  • 0 - kart world textures grass

My character the special snowflake~: #

In Penumbra, using the “special collection” under the “collections” tab, you can set it so only your character uses certain mods, making you the most unique special snowflake! Beyond this, if your computer performance is poor, you can use my upscales only on you. Because who cares about anyone else?

In example my character uses the “Warrior of Light” model which you can get on my discord.