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Upscaled World Textures

·4 mins


What is a texture upscale? #

Smart computer look at picture and make it high resolution.

3 minute video that explains it really fast with pretty pictures.

What are world textures? #

In FFXIV, the texture assets are divided broadly into: #
  • bg - background textures
  • bgcommon - common background textures
  • chara - character textures
  • ui - user interface textures
  • vfx - visual effect textures
  • common - pre-rendered graphics and text textures.

The world textures are comprised of the bg and bgcommon folders. #

bg is divided into: #
  • ffxiv - textures that are local to ARR zones.
  • ex1 - textures that are local to Heavensward expansion zones.
  • ex2 - textures that are local to Stormblood expansion zones.
  • ex3 - textures that are local to Shadowbringers expansion zones.
  • ex4 - textures that are local to Endwalker expansion zones.
bgcommon is divided into: #
  • hou - player housing textures.
  • nature - water, moon phases weather, precipitation particle effect, cloud, and star textures.
  • world - common world textures that are utilized by all zones.

Downloads: #

Downloads are provided:

  • On my Nexus Mods Page. This requires a free Nexus Mods account. I recommend shelling out for premium as free users are capped at 2MB/s down. If you can’t/won’t pay for premium, I recommend using a download protector like JDownloader2 so you don’t get a corrupted file after 10 hours.
  • By darkarchon on my discord. They are under #releases. These are faster if you don’t have premium. However, these are generously provided at will by dark, and he can remove these for any or no reason at all. You are blessed that he provides them at all. So don’t pester him if it isn’t instantly updated or is taken down.


Covers the bg/ffxiv textures and bgcommon textures. This is the main file.

  • Main World Textures Pt 1
  • Main Word Textures Pt 2


Covers bg/ex1, Heavensward.

  • Heavensward World Textures


Covers bg/ex2, Stormblood.

  • Stormblood World Textures


Covers bg/ex3, Shadowbringers. Coming Soon.


Covers bg/ex4, Endwalker.

  • Endwalker World Textures


Installing Penumbra:

Firstly you must have XIVQuickLauncher (which is amazing and you probably already have)

  1. Login to the game, press ESC, click “Dalamud Settings”
  2. Add the following URL as a “Custom Plugin Repository” 
  3. Click “Save and Close”
  4. Press ESC and click “Dalamud Plugins”
  5. Find “Penumbra” under “Available Plugins” and hit install

YouTube Video: Installing my mods with Penumbra.


Main World Textures - Kart World Textures
Zipped Folder Size: 10.2 GB + 7.2 GB (17.3 GB)
Unpacked Folder Size: 53.1 GB

Heavensward World Textures - Kart World Textures Heavensward
Zipped Folder Size: 6.6 GB
Unpacked Folder Size: 13.4 GB

Stormblood World Textures - Kart World Textures Stormblood
Zipped Folder Size: 9.6 GB
Unpacked Folder Size: 24.7 GB

Endwalker World Textures - Kart World Textures Endwalker
Zipped Folder Size: 277 MB
Unpacked Folder Size: 1.6 GB

Grass World Textures - Kart World Textures Grass
Zipped Folder Size: 48 MB
Unpacked Folder Size: 435 MB

Total Zipped Folders Size: 33.9 GB
Total Unpacked Folders Size: 93.2 GB

Hey Kart I’m running out of disc space: #

Do this on your world textures folders

Postword: #

My goal is to:

  • To have world textures of a higher resolution than the original while in cutscenes.
  • To complete this in a somewhat timely manner.
  • To learn some new techniques in regards to manipulating image data.

Because of these restraints,

  • These works will not be as high quality as my various Face Upscales (which are checked individually) or even of images subdivided into subject categories such as SSEUT (characters, landscapes, armors).
  • These thousands of images are processed by being sorted into very broad  TYPE categories (such as diffuse, normal, detail alpha, cutout alpha) only.
  • These works will be released much faster than specific works for the quantity.
  • Because I use these as a learning opportunity and new techniques are made every day, expect occasional refactoring (redoing my old work with new techniques.)