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Upscaled World Textures

·3 mins


What is a texture upscale? #

Smart computer look at picture and make it high resolution.

3 minute video that explains it really fast with pretty pictures.

What are world textures? #

In FFXIV, the texture assets are divided broadly into: #
  • bg - background textures
  • bgcommon - common background textures
  • chara - character textures
  • ui - user interface textures
  • vfx - visual effect textures
  • common - pre-rendered graphics and text textures.
The world textures are comprised of the bg and bgcommon folders. #
bg is divided into: #
  • ffxiv - textures that are local to A Realm Reborn (ARR) zones.
  • ex1 - textures that are local to Heavensward expansion zones.
  • ex2 - textures that are local to Stormblood expansion zones.
  • ex3 - textures that are local to Shadowbringers expansion zones.
  • ex4 - textures that are local to Endwalker expansion zones.
bgcommon is divided into: #
  • hou - player housing textures.
  • nature - water, moon phases weather, precipitation particle effect, cloud, and star textures.
  • world - common world textures that are utilized by all zones.

Download: #

Download Archive

Most essential:

kart world textures grasses (billboard grass)

kart world textures main (ffxiv)

kart world textures common (bgcommon)


kart world textures heavensward (ex1)

kart world textures stormblood (ex2)

kart world textures shadowbringers (ex3)

kart world textures endwalker (ex4)


kart vfx textures v0-0-2


Installing Penumbra #

INSTALL MAIN FILES (kart world texture grasses, kart world textures main, and kart world textures common.) OPTIONALLY INSTALL EXPANSIONS. INSTALL ALL UPDATES.

general install instruction #

Just drag the folder out of the archive into your “penumbra mods” folder. Then “rediscover files” on the main “settings” tab of Penumbra. The go to “mods” tab and activate it the mod. Tip: The root folder of a given mod (e.g.: “kart world textures main”) will ALWAYS have “meta.json” and “default_mod.json” in it.

update install instructions #

Drag the folder out of the archive on the preexisting folder in the “penumbra mods” folder and say “yes” to overwrites. I.e.: Inside “kart world textures main v1-1-0 update” is folder “kart world textures main”. Copy this to your “penumbra mods” folder and overwrite the original “kart world textures main”. You will know you did it right if Windows asks “Do you want to overwrite?”.


Total Zipped Folders Size: 78.2 GB
Total Unpacked Folders Size: 113 GB

Hey Kart I’m running out of disc space: #

Do this on your world textures folders

Postword: #

My goal is to:

  • Too look functionally the same from a distance but to not become a pixelated smear up close. * Too not be excessively large. Which is actually really hard to do.
  • To complete this in a somewhat timely manner.
  • To learn some new techniques in regards to manipulating image data.

Because of these restraints,

  • These works will not be as high quality as my various Face Upscales (which are checked individually) or even of images subdivided into subject categories such as SSEUT (characters, landscapes, armors).
  • These thousands of images are processed by being sorted into very broad TYPE categories (such as diffuse, normal, detail alpha, cutout alpha) only.
  • Because I use these as a learning opportunity and new techniques are made every day, expect occasional refactoring (redoing my old work with new techniques.)